Moving to New Zealand 
  is a once in a lifetime  
  adventure. Allow 
  a professional to take care 
  of the procedure, so you 
  can fully enjoy your 
  new start.   

Kia Ora and Welcome to New Zealand Immigration Connections Ltd. 

If you dream about living, working, studying or visiting Aotearoa New Zealand please contact me. I will gladly assist you with your Immigration matters. 

I will:

  • explore all your visa options and choose the right visa,

  • prepare your visa application,

  • assess whether you can appeal a declined visa,

  • help you to avoid unnecessary delay and expense,

  • advise you on documentation to be provided to Immigration New Zealand in support of your application, 

  • write a submission letter to Immigration New Zealand, 

  • liaison with Immigration New Zealand while your application is being processed and respond to any correspondence from Immigration New Zealand,

  • assess your options if you are in New Zealand unlawfully.


I speak Polish and English, however everyone is welcome. In our team we have Martin who speaks Czech.

With us by your side, there is no need to worry about the immigration process to New Zealand. You will feel welcome and in good hands. Going abroad by yourself can be a very stressful and confusing process, however having us work for you becomes much simpler.


We would love to talk to you and help you to begin a new chapter in your life.


Wishing you joy and happiness! 

Supplying services for:


> Work Visas


> Student Visas


> Citizenship Applications


> Residence Category