Below you will find our fees for each visa application type. The prices vary depending on your circumstances and include a principal applicant only. Some cases may be complex and will require us to spend more time on them, whereas others may be reasonably straightforward.
All fees are in New Zealand dollars and all fees include GST. 
Below fees do not include INZ fees or other parties fees such as medicals or police checks. 
Written assessment $350 
I offer a formal written assessment setting out your circumstances, identifying which visa(s) are open to you, identifying what you need to do to secure that/those visa(s) and setting out my fees, Immigration New Zealand’s fees and any 3rd Party fees (such as medical and Police check fees).
I charge a fee for this formal report of NZ$350. Once you have seen my assessment and spoken with me, should you wish to continue with me helping you gain your visa(s) then this fee will be deducted from the on-going fees.
Once you get your report you are able to provide it to any recruitment agencies and/or your potential employer to clarify your intentions and options.
Immigration Consultancy $200
I offer a consultancy that will take approximately 60minutes (in person or online). During our meeting I will answer all your immigration questions and advise you on what visa options are available to you based on current immigration instructions. 
Temporary Visas
  • Visitor Visa $1,000 - $1,500
  • Working Holiday Visa $400
  • Work Visa $1,600 - $2,000
  • Student Visa $1,000
  • Limited Visa $1,000
  • Special Temporary Visas $1,000 - $1,500
  • Family Categories $2,000 - $4,000
  • Skilled Migrant Category $3,000 - $4,000
  • Residence from Work $2,000 - $3,000
Special Cases
  • Section 61 request $1,000
Variation of Conditions       
  • $950
Additional $300 per extra family member who will be included in your application.