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#EligibilityAssessment Fee

Lately I have been asked by many people why should they pay for the consultation or assessment when others offer those for free.

Here I will explain what you will get during the consultation meeting with me and/or the written report you receive.

First of all I cannot tell you on how other professionals assess your eligibility. I can only speak for myself on how I do the work. If you are happy to be assessed for free then please be aware that most likely you might not get full report (comprehensive) like the one I provide for my clients.

When I start working with my client I always ask them for detailed information about their circumstances, their personal details, qualifications, work experiences etc. Once I get all of this information I can then start working on their assessment and see what visa options are available to them and what requirements they will have to meet to apply for a visa.

This is not straightforward process that calculates information automatically. Every client is evaluated individually, and the assessment is prepared according to their skills, qualification, experiences and health status.

I cross-reference all of this information with current immigration instructions so the advice they receive is 100% accurate. I ask detailed questions about their health and character matters that can affect their eligibility on any visa.

The report outlines a pathway for you to achieve your immigration goal.

This assessment is emailed to you and is yours to use with any potential employer or organization you wish to make contact with.

I am personally responsible for the advice I give to you as my client. I spend some time to prepare myself to our consultation and/or your assessment. Please remember I don’t know your situation as we have just met.

Once you get my advice you can be sure that this will give you accurate options if any on your eligibility. You will know where you are with your immigration process and what will be your next step regarding your immigration procedure.

I hope that this makes more sense now to you in understanding better that immigration is not so easy and simple as one might think.

You are free to try yourself however be aware if you are not successful in your visa application you could loose any fees you have paid to INZ.

Being assessed is a small cost in knowing whether you have a real chance of getting your visa or not which can save you a lot of money. And this could be an investment for your future.

Thank you for your time, Monika.

If you would like to check your eligibility please send me an email

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