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Has #NewZealand been on your list of visiting country but you just don’t know where to begin? Or possibly you would like to come and see an employer for an interview?

Maybe you have done some research on INZ website but you are still unsure what are the requirements to gain a visa.

In this blog, I tackle the major problems #migrants face, answer questions such as looking for work while on a #visitorvisa and my advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes when applying.

New Zealand has a lot to offer, diverse environments, #rain #forests, #beaches, #lakes, #mountains, #glaciers even #volcanoes. I am sure you would love to have the opportunity to see and experience this beautiful country.

Whether you would like to come here to visit your family or friends, get married or just holidaying here is a guide on how to gain a visitor visa.

Some groups of visitors who travel to New Zealand don’t need a #visitor #visa. Australian’s citizens or permanent residents complete an arrival card on the aircraft and end up applying for residence on arrival. British passport holders can visit for 6 months and citizens of visa waiver countries can visit for no more than 3 months.

How long can I visit for?

Unless stated under your visa conditions the standard length of stay is 9 months. You should be aware if you have recently visited #NewZealand and wish to visit again you can only do so if you spend no more than 9 months within a 18 month period. This is calculated backwards in the last day you attended to be in New Zealand.

For example:

You want to stay until 1 June 2018 counting back 18 months is the date of 1 December 2016 within this period you can only maximum stay of 9 months.

Despite this if you were allowed to spend 12 months in #NZ you will need to remain outside of #NZ for another 12 months before being eligible to apply for another #Visitor #Visa.

Who may you include in your application?

If you have a partner and dependent children you may include them. The conditions on their #Visitor #Visa will be the same as yours. Your partner can be by marriage, by civil union or just be in de facto relationship with you.

To be considered dependent children they have to be of age 19 or younger, single and if they are age 18 to 19, they must not have children of their own and be substantially rely on you and your partner for financial support whether they live with you or not. If any children do not meet the criteria they must apply for their own separate visa.

How much does it cost?

For paper applications the rate is NZ$184 but those applying online will pay the fee of NZ$165.

#INZ has a finder tool on their website which is specific to a country you are applying from. It tells you where to lodge the application, how long it will take to process it and how much it is going to cost in your country currency.

You will have to pay one fee for all people included in your application, except for applying for a group Visitor Visa.

Please note that INZ will change their fees from 5 November 2018.


The biggest reason people fail with their application because immigration considers that they are not genuine visitors. Immigration policy has a special term called #Bona #Fide, which means you have a genuine intention to visit #NewZealand temporarily. A #BonaFide applicant is a person who intents to stay in #NewZealand for a lawful purpose and in opinion of immigration officer is not likely to stay in New Zealand unlawfully, breach their visa conditions or be unable to leave. It is your responsibility to prove a genuine attend and lawful purpose.

Even if you meet all the mandatory requirements for lodging an application for instance you may successfully complete the form and other required documents like medical certificate, an immigration officer is still in their power to refuse you if there is not sufficient evidence in front of them to convince them that you are coming here for a visit and they are not obliged to ask you for more.

So what can you do to show this genuine intent?

At the visa form in Section G select the reasons you are coming for, do not forget about last box, which is Other. Those could be anything that is not covered in check boxes.

Scenario 1

A family from Turkey, Mr A is employed full time on a good salary in Turkey as a doctor, his wife and two children are citizens of this country. They have applied for a Visitor Visas and stated that their primary purpose for visit is coming for a holiday. The family of Mr’s A have big extended family who live in Turkey, they have many assets at home including their house, cars, furniture and so on. They have never been refused visa in any country they have been to holiday. The chances of them being successful are very high.

Scenario 2

Miss B is Russian nationality who has been out of work for nearly 2 years, she is fully qualified but struggling finding a job, despite this she has enough money to buy a plane ticket to New Zealand and return ticket home. She has no close family in Russia, she has a friend in New Zealand who would like her to visit. Miss B’s friend agreed to sponsor her. Miss B chances of getting a visa are significantly less then Mr A’s family from previous scenario due to the fact she has no ties back in her home country and no reasons to go back there. She is out of employment and low of funds. She will need to prove that her intention to visit her friend is genuine.

Scenario 3

A young man from India, has only finished his secondary school and only worked part time in Australia. His family has paid for his education and other expenses while he was studying in Australia. Unfortunately he failed to attend his course and then failed his exams. As a result he was declined a further student visa and overstayed 6 months before he was deported back to his country.

He now applies for a Visitor Visa to New Zealand and written on his application the purpose of his visit is to look for a job, further to that he has left blank an answer to the question whether he was removed from any other country.

His situation is pretty bad. His chances of getting a visa are small due to his poor immigration history and he provides false and misleading information.

Nevertheless the family from scenario 1 may have greater chances of being #approved a #visa I would still advise them to provide as much information to support their case as they can.


#Immigration can only consider information you provided them. It is up to you as a visa applicant to ensure that all necessary documents are put before your case officer.

Your goal should be to ensure to provide any evidence to show your financial security and an asset to return to your home country.

Basically #INZ wants to know that you won’t blow the first chance you get and work illegally and get paid under the table.

Looking for a work as a visitor

Can I apply for a #VisitorVisa in order to #lookforajob. The answer is yes, but keep in mind what you are putting as a purpose of your visit on an application form. The #Visitor #Visa is mainly for people to come here for holidaying or visiting family or friends not made to look for a work. Remember that #INZ concern is if you are a #BonaFide visitor. If your intention is to attend a job interview and you have written confirmation from the potential employer about the time and the date of this meeting or if your primary purpose is holiday and experience New Zealand first and whether deciding if you would like to stay here the immigration generally would grant you a Visitor Visa.

No matter your situation be honest with #immigration. If the #INZ think you have misled them it is way more difficult to have success with another visa application.

Once you get here and you are lucky enough to be offered a job you are free to apply for a work visa.

Lodgement requirements

Read the application form and the guide on how to complete it. There is a brief list of documents the applicant must provide otherwise your application will be returned to you.

The information above are only for #GeneralVisitorVisa, there is plenty of others #SpecialCategoriesVisitorVisas. If you would like to know if you fall under any of the special classes please contact me.

I hope this blog helped you to understand more about Visitor Visa.


The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only. The explanation and advice is not intended to take place of, or represent, the legislation or other written law or professional advice.

It is provided on basis of knowledge available and is general advice only.

Every individuals case is different with their own unique circumstances and I assume no liability for any negative decision made on the part of Immigration New Zealand as a result of any of the information contained in this blog.

You should never delay seeking legal advice because of the information provided. If you have any specific questions about any immigration or other legal matter you should consult your adviser or other professional legal services provider.

If you would like to know more get in touch with me via email (

Until next time.


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