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About us

My name is Monika and I am a licensed immigration adviser who can assist you with your immigration matters when you decide to move to New Zealand.

I am a migrant myself so I understand that this process can be very stressful. Unexpected things can happen suddenly and what then? Where do you go for help? How long do you have to stay on the line to be able to speak with someone from immigration? And then yet also have, someone else on the other side, you need to explain your situation again.

Isn’t there an easier way?

Yes, there is. Put all that stress onto an adviser who understands the process and who knows the answers to your questions.

It doesn’t matter if you apply for a general visitor visa, work visa or any residence application there is always a risk that you may have forgotten to include in your application some document or the immigration officer may come back to you and ask for more evidence giving you a very short time to collect information.

Why choose immigration adviser?

To be on a safe side it is better to have a professional look after you. I know that there are lots of blogs and immigration groups created online so you can gather some information there however what you must remember that every case is considered individually and even though you may think that my friend’s circumstances are similar to yours you really don’t know why your application is still being processed by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) while their has been completed.

In this immigration blog I would like to tell you what are the benefits of engaging services of New Zealand Immigration Connections.

Moving to New Zealand is a once in a lifetime adventure. You can start to fully enjoy your new life by allowing me to take care of your immigration matters.

At first I will assess your eligibility to obtain a visa. I will detail possible visa options available to you and give you advice on which option may suit you best. Then once you engage my services I will advise you on what documents will need to be provided to Immigration New Zealand, I will complete your visa forms and then submit to Immigration New Zealand. After that I will be in communication with INZ while your application is being processed and keep you informed of your application status. I will try to make sure that the process is less stressful for you and your family so you can fully enjoy the beauty of New Zealand.

By engaging my services you will be assured that you will have one adviser who will be available to you. There won’t be any middle person who will be putting you off as adviser is currently busy or with another client. You will get excellent service during your immigration journey.

Give us a go and you will not regret it.

Until next time, in the meantime if you have any questions contact me via email on monika@newzealandimmigrationconnections.com

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