Work Visas  
New Zealand offers a range of work visas. All are temporary, though some can lead to residence. These visas are meant for temporary stays. The duration of the visa depends on the term of your job offer and labour market conditions.
 Student Visas 
If you are planning to study in Aotearoa full time for more than three months you’ll need a student visa. A student visa enables the holder to travel to, and be in New Zealand for the purpose of undertaking a course of study. Check that the qualification and the provider are recognised by NZQA.
 Citizenship Application 
You can apply for New Zealand citizenship if you have lived here as a resident at least for:
  • A minimum of 1,350 days with a residence permit during the five years immediately before you applied for citizenship and
  • At least 240 days with a residence permit in each of those five years. 
To be eligible, you also need to meet good character and English requirements.
Department of Internal Affairs considers those applications.
 Visitors Visas 
A visitor visa enables the holder to travel to, and or be in, New Zealand for a lawful purpose. Lawful purposes include holidaying, sightseeing; family and social visits; amateur sport; business consultation; medical treatment and guest of government visits.
 Residence Visas 
Immigration New Zealand have a range of visas that allow you to live in New Zealand permanently. 
Business, Family Categories, Skilled Migrant Category, Residence from Work Category and Others.
Let us help you to choose the right one for you.
 Section 61 request
The provisions in section 61 means that someone in New Zealand is unlawfully and therefore normally unable to apply for a visa. Making a request under section 61 requires the advocacy of a special case. A decision to grant a visa under section 61 is at the absolute discretion of the Minister.
Let me evaluate your situation and provide you with advice on the best course of action for your long-term immigration intention.
Confidentiality will be maintained so I will not share your information with any other 3rd parties.